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Monday, May 16, 2016

A path appears, but where will it take me?

A few years now, I've done some serious soul searching. If you have been keeping up with my blog, you have realized that I have grown tremendously since my advent into pagan life. I have adopted the belief that there is more than one form of the original pair of deity, the God and Goddess, in religions innumerable and in cultures spread across the globe. I have acknowledged that there exists an energy that thrives and channels among humans and other creatures, even through plants. Time and time again I experiment with the feel of the energy, the magic of the world, growing more comfortable every time a spiritual experience comes to a quiet end.

And as I sit at my computer and write, I realized something that I had never considered.

What I have discovered wasn't new at all. I simply re-discovered myself.

The beliefs, the dreams, the lifestyle; I have lived the same way my whole entire life without even knowing it. I recall memories of respecting the earth as if it were sacred, feeling sorrow in my heart watching the plants and animals burn at the hands of humankind, and always having a connection to something deeper and broader that many others couldn't fathom. I have known for a long time that there was a force that thrived present among us, and it doesn't matter that I called it by a different name. I had a deep connection to deity that existed all around me, and still exists among me. It transcends time, existing in the deep realm of our past, present and future, an infinite path of circular motion. Infinity can be both a very small number and a titanic quantity, so much that it can be neither and both at the same time. To know something so wise, ancient, and immense existed among humans was something that came like second nature to me.

But it took a deck of cards for me to realize all this.

I would like to point out a valuable lesson here to many who read my blog--if you never try something out, at least give it a chance, you have a world of understanding to lose.

Of course that doesn't mean to take a swing at every single opportunity out there, there is so much to learn and so little time to do it all. You will simply spend your life whisking away at the surface to miss everything that lies underneath. It works a lot like a pie, the crust is somewhat tastey, flakey, doughy, but it doesn't compare even close to the juicy filling that lies underneath.

On the other hand, if you delve deep into something wrong, bad or evil, you might not come out as healthy or driven as how you started. A conscience is a valuable guide, and we all understand (or rather most of us) a consistent skeleton metaphor of ethics that we decorate with life experiences and lessons learned. So keep in mind your health and sanity while going out there into the world, for there are dangers to be had I can assure you.

What I want to say, perhaps more clear and concise, is never turn a positive experience down when it presents itself in your life. Positive implies perspective, and this means what I believe might be positive could mean an evil to another. This is perfectly acceptable, and I would never imply that someone should think the same as me, or that I should think the same as them. Therefore keep your mind in the right direction and look for the good in things before evaluating the bad. Here with this lifestyle, optimism is key.

So with a strong heart and pure intentions, venture out into the world and evaluate the insight you can gain from its vast knowledge. But act with wisdom, and seek out the light in the world and cast out your darkness in every way imaginable. Exalt yourself from the shadows and climb into the sun.

Act with respect to the knowledge of the universe and yourself, in adherence to the wisdom that exists deep in you, the daring that drives us despite our fears, and the ever pervasive power of silence that dominates all peace in the world.

Drive on with fire in your hearts to light your way and keep you warm. Blessed be.