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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Single Card Reading 8 July 2015--Ten of Cups (upright)

Happy Wednesday to everyone! My deck surprised me with a nice little card today that I am ecstatic to share with you all!

I drew one of the most marvelous well-meaning cards I believe the tarot deck has to offer--the Ten of Cups! Now, if we were to think of the numbers one through ten as different parts of life's story, one would be the beginning of the story (much like The Fool in the Major Arcana), and ten would be the happy ending, when everything finally works itself out (much like The World). Usually the completion of any cycle is marked by enlightenment, leading to a more fulfilling life as a result. The ten card can mean completion of goals, ideals, spiritual accomplishment, or any triumph during the story the cards tell us.

Unlike what this card might allude, my day hasn't been all that stupendous. Today was somewhat stressful for me (at least it began that way) with an argument between my mother and I. My little sister received some disturbing news that could very well change her college experience for the worst. My father and mother are both crazy worried about her as a result. All of this does bother me, yes. But I've done my time.

The college life is not my battle to face anymore . . . I have my life at Fort Lee, Virginia to look forward to, a new apartment to live in, and a whole life just waiting for me to start living it. I often think out of my entire family, only I have found peace and joy in my life at present. And sometimes that is just how life happens sometimes; in no way do I feel guilty or unhappy because of my victories in life so far. I just have to be aware that I can help my family out with their issues by being positive and not feeding the negative environment around me.

I have found that even my religious quarrel I have with myself every now and then has slowly passed on, taking with it any new fears I might have had about moving forward with my development. This card makes me feel fearless, that all my time in conflict with myself and in conflict with others have been in order for me to enjoy this single moment. I look forward to my day a little more than I did earlier this morning.

Hearkening back to what I spoke about yesterday, for every heavily developed issue with a lot of conflict has to have its resolution in the end, much like what this card offers. In addition, the tougher the conflict might seem, the better that individual is for suffering through it. I have no doubt this card is a reference not only to me and my accomplishments, but a future result of my family's hardship which I look forward to in eagerness.

As you may see, everything in this card alludes to positivity, joy, posterity and harmony on several levels, particularly through the symbolism. Two individuals that share life's gift of love grasp each other in a loving and caring gesture. They appear to have everything a couple could ever want--kids happily playing with each other, a small house in the distance to provide comfortable living, and fertile land to live on with an abundance of trees and a flowing river that steadily travels through the land before them. This particular river is not unusually strong, in turmoil, or experiencing any dramatic friction like a rock or tree limb. This represents the harmonic flowing of emotion between each member of the joyous family (since water typically represents the subconsciousness or deep emotion). In the sky hangs a rainbow which bears the ten cups.

Rainbows are symbols saturated with spiritual, emotional and physical meanings. These marvelous creations have been used to show heavenly approval or compliance with current events, much like after the great flood there was a rainbow to demonstrate God's promise to man in the Christian religion. Also, rainbows are said to house gold in the Celtic tradition, particularly the Irish. When everything is emotionally correct with the world, a tell tale symbol would be a rainbow, often at the end of movies or books when an emotional resolution is met and any conflict resolved.

With all this great symbolism to allude to a positive lifestyle, this card seems to be the greatest message that the recipient has a lot to be thankful for. Take time out of your day and recognize all that you have achieved in this life. Not only have you achieved in the past and are constantly moving forward in the present, but the future is bound to be good and well-lived. You are marked and protected by a great force that deems you to be proper and ready for blessing.

And receive your blessings with open arms! Not only have you worked hard to get here, but your effort is being realized in the boons bestowed upon you. Thank the people that have loved you and supported you during your entire journey. Reflect on those you want to reconnect with, the bonds of life that have made you spiritually and emotionally strong. And don't forget to pat yourself on the back for all you have done for yourself--as much as your family and friends might have helped you, it wasn't their help that made you succeed, but the undeniable courage and determination in your heart that has made you the spark in night you prove to be. Keep up the good work!

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